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Hike & Navigation course by the Mythen – Learn to read a map and use a compass

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01 May 2022


CHF 90.00


Brunni SZ

With today’s technology, it has become so easy to spend time in the mountains without any navigation skills. All the apps and modern tools that now exist are amazing and it would be a shame not to use them, however, it’s also really important to be able to be in the mountains without them.

During this snowshoe hike by the famous and stunning Mythen, the focus will be on learning or getting a refresher about how to use basic navigation tools: map, compass, features around us…

What’s the plan?

We will meet at 09.00 at Brunni SZ, Rest. Brunni bus stop. The focus of the day will be to improve your navigation skills. For that, the day will be split into stages, alternating walking times and various activities.

Navigation course

Stage 1: Introduction of the navigation tools

Learn to read the map with its main features and legend, plan our itinerary, understand the compass.

Stage 2: Where am I?

Locate yourself on the map using features around you.

Stage 3: What is around me?

Knowing where you are on the map, identify the summits and other features around you using your map and compass. Learn to read your surrounding landscape.

Stage 4: Find your way without visibility

Using our compass and azimuth bearings, we will play some games to practice having to move on a terrain without any visibility (snow, fog…).

Technical information

-T3 hike
-630m ascent/ 630m descent

How to get there?

If you are traveling by public transport, we recommend you to take the following:

-Zürich HB 07:43 – 08:52 Brunni SZ, Rest. Brunni (via Wädenswil and Einsiedeln)
-Brunni SZ, Rest. Brunni 17:31 – 18:48 Zürich HB (via Einsiedeln and Wädenswil) – depending on what time the event finishes

Kit list

Must have:

-Hiking boots
-Pen, pencil and/or highlighter
-Small backpack with waterproof cover
-Quick-dry t-shirt
-Down jacket
-Waterproof jacket
-Hiking or skiing trousers
-Warm hat
-Thin gloves
-Thick gloves
-Head lamp
-Packed lunch

Nice to have:

-Compass if you have your own
-Hiking poles
-Thermal bottle with tea


The price for this event is CHF 90.

Included in price

-Hot drink and croissant at arrival
-Day hike with a mountain leader
-Navigation course
-Printed A3 map of the area + compass
-Post-event documents with all information learned during the day

Not included in price

-Packed lunch

Group Size

Minimum number of participants: 3
Maximum number of participants: 8

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01 May 2022


CHF 90.00


9:00 am - 5:30 pm


Brunni SZ

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