warm outdoors in winter

How to Keep Warm Outdoors in Winter

There is something special about the winter season that is not to be missed! The deep serenity, landscapes elegantly draped in a blanket of snow and lesser crowds outdoors make up a magical experience.  Cold temperatures can be experienced not

water in the wild

How to safely find and drink water in the wild

When out in the wild, an essential survival skill is knowing where/how to find clean, drinkable water. Knowing where/how to find sources of water, and how to safely drink from the appropriate sources, could be the difference between a pleasant

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Well-being and Mindfulness

10 Benefits of Cold Exposure

A healthy body and a healthy mind allow us to live an easier and more joyful life. We, at Touring Monkeys, have the vision of a healthy world, loving living and experiencing life, and believe cold exposure plays an important


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