Touring Monkeys

Origins of Touring Monkeys 

Touring Monkeys project was born in July 2018, when we decided to live as our future selves: adventurers, explorers and challenge-takers. This journey started with a bike trip that took us from France to Romania, crossing nine European countries, and covering 4’000km over three months. An adventure filled with incredible experiences, challenges, people, and worrying for no more than just the Bare Necessities.

Where are we?

Our headquarters are in Zurich, Switzerland, but we operate worldwide.

What do we do?

We launched the Touring Monkeys community on Meetup to create a network of like-minded people, seeking adventures, challenges, growth, and connection to nature and themselves. We do this through unforgettable events, indoors and outdoors, bringing the best in people and creating joyful stories.

Check out the adventures we organise.

Our vision

Our vision is represented through our simple slogan: What stories will you tell? Because we believe that our lives gets shaped by the experiences we have.

Our team

Making your adventures a reality

Who We Are 1

Céline Kahn

I am a mountain leader with a background in event management. I love life and living beings, whether they are humans, animals or anything Nature is made of, and the mountains are where I feel most at peace.

After graduating with an MBA in Communications and Events, I worked in the organisation of major international events, including The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations, international equestrian competitions, World War commemorations hosted by Governments, international exhibitions and congresses.

I also love foreign languages and I speak English, French, German and Spanish, so I can help you enjoy our events all over the world.

Alex Budurovici

Alex Budurovici

I'm an adventurer, explorer and challenge-taker! Underground, overground, on top of mountains, over the water, and eventually, space too.

I love listening and learning from the experience of others, sitting, observing and experiencing nature's awesomeness, and working towards a better future for us all, connected with ourselves and nature.

With a digital engineering background (software and infrastructure) in various countries, I now focus on experiencing life and helping others do so too.

Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice. - Bob Proc

Michelle Mendez

Michelle Mendez

I love going on road trips. A slideshow of the outdoors that showed me the vast sand dunes of the Middle East are just as incredible as the lush forests of Asia and the beaches of the US Gulf Coast.

The joy and curiosity of children are contagious, making travel and adventures more precious. I support causes that feed and educate children. It's their right, also to freely grow and explore.

I have a degree in Journalism and Education, now learning the Arabic language, and furthering my skills as a writer and online freelancer.

There is a lot to discover in this world and within ourselves. I strive towards both, and then share what I can along the way.

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