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Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures

As a thriving business hub, team building in Zurich is a must and a lot of fun! With its natural beauty and wealth of cultural attractions, the city offers a diverse range of activities that can bring team members together, foster collaboration, and create unforgettable experiences. Whether you’re a local business owner or planning to travel to Zurich for a team event, there are plenty of exciting options to choose from. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best team event ideas in and around Zurich that are sure to inspire and engage your team.

From heart-pounding outdoor adventures to creative challenges, adrenaline-fueled experiences, and delightful culinary explorations, we’ll highlight a variety of activities that cater to different interests and budgets.

So, prepare to embark on a journey of unforgettable team building experiences that will leave lasting memories and create a more cohesive and motivated workforce.

Wild Plant Foraging and Cooking  

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 1

Let a wild plant specialist take you and your team on a captivating walk through the forest. Discover the edible treasures hiding in nature’s pantry as you stroll along the enchanting trails. Gather enough plants to prepare a 4-course lunch for the entire team! A warm soup to start with, a colourful flowery salad, followed by yummy dumplings cooked directly on the embers, and a digestive infusion. Bon appétit!

If this experience sparks your curiosity and you’d like to organize this remarkable event, we can help! Contact us here and let the wild plant foraging and cooking adventure begin!

  • Ideal for:  10 – 15 pax
  • Best for time/s of the year: from April to June
  • Possible locations: Doubs Valley, Jura

Escape room

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 2

Escape rooms are surely some of the best team bonding events, for many reasons! They promote teamwork, and communication and encourage problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Team members must work together to solve complex puzzles, which fosters collaboration and respect. It is also highly engaging, motivating, and can create unforgettable memories. Moreover, it is not weather-dependent, making it a reliable option for team building activities. Overall, an escape room is an immersive, enjoyable, and challenging activity that can bring team members closer together and develop some of the skills needed for work.

There are multiple escape rooms in Zurich but we can highly recommend ROOM Escape Room and its variety of high tech riddles and immersive themes!

Get to know each other better and strengthen your cohesion. Get to know the potential of each individual employee better and generate new, creative ideas in the team.

  • Ideal for:  4 – 8 pax
  • Best for time/s of the year: all year

Navigation & Orienteering Workshop

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 3

Learning to navigate and orienteering is perfect to encourage teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills by igniting the spirit of friendly competition. After diving into the world of navigation by learning the basics of map reading, decoding legends, discovering the course map, and understanding the rules, embark on a thrilling orienteering experience and discover the riddles and challenges hidden behind each one of the checkpoints. If you want to get your team on this exciting and immersive experience, you can reach us here and we can definitely help you organize a hassle-free event.

  • Ideal for:  10 – 30 pax
  • Best for time/s of the year: from April to June
  • Possible locations: Uetliberg – Flumserberg – Brunni SZ

Moonlight snowshoe hike

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 4

Drag your colleagues to a magical moonlight snowshoe hike. A very nice and easy walk by night with various options for dinner: a glass of Glühwein to keep everyone warm and an outdoor dinner with homemade soup, bread, and cheese, or snowshoeing to a cosy mountain lodge for a fondue by the chimney! Contact us today and we’ll help you and your team embark on this magical adventure.

  • Ideal for:  5 – 20 pax
  • Best for time/s of the year: from December to March
  • Possible locations: Klosters, Flumserberg

Trampoline park

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 5

Is your team particularly active? If so, a trampoline park is the perfect team event for you! Offering a high-energy and exhilarating environment, a trampoline park allows team members to bound and bond, unleash their energy, and maybe indulge in friendly competition.

FLIP LAB Zürich is the coolest trampoline, parkour, and freestyle park in Switzerland. They have Group Flips available from small to large groups so you can take off altogether promising you and your colleagues a few hours packed with fun, action, and adventure!

  • Ideal for: small and big groups
  • Best time/s of the year: all year

Ticino Sightseeing & Tasting Day, with optional cooking workshop 

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 6

Travel a bit further to chase the sun and discover the beauty of the Ticinese landscapes, and the charm of the slate-roof stone house villages, and learn about the history and strategic location of Bellinzona.

Start with a city tour with various tasting stops to compose a complete local menu. There is also an option to start with a tour of the old town, followed by a risotto workshop where you cook risotto in small teams with local farmers’ products.

Need help in organizing this fine experience of exploration, taste sensations, and culinary adventure for you and your team? Contact us here and we’ll handle all the details while you focus on making unforgettable memories in Ticino!

  • Ideal for:  8 – 15 pax
  • Best for time/s of the year: April – October

Urban surf

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 7

Surfing in the middle of the city? Yes, in Zurich it is possible! Urbansurf near Hardbrücke is the perfect place for a fun wavy adventure in the city! From complete beginners to experienced surfers, everyone will have the chance to ride the wave and those who don’t feel like it will have as much fun watching others while sipping a glass of Prosecco from the terrace. There is the possibility to add extra activities for non-surfers like Wii games, PhotoBooth, table football… And of course a DJ will make the atmosphere even more special!

  • Ideal for:  6 – 20 pax for a surf session or 120 – 300 pax to rent the entire venue
  • Best for time/s of the year: April – October

Local farming day

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 8

Experience a day at a local farm, just outside the city. Jucker Farm offers a variety of programs for team building. From baking workshops to the legendary farmer’s tournament, making apple juice, or building sand sculptures… The Jucker farmers thought of everything and will be delighted to entertain your team for a day!

  • Ideal for: from small teams of up to 80 people, depending on the activities
  • Best for time/s of the year: all year, depending on the activities
  • Possible locations: Juckerhof, Bächlihof

Mountain bike day 

Team Building in Zurich: 9 Unique & Fun Adventures 9

Another possible team event for active employees! Get out of the city and discover some beautiful trails on two wheels. Mountain biking can be for all levels of fitness and biking experience. At Touring Monkeys, we can design different routes and split the group with our multiple professional guides to have something for every taste. A great way to discover your or a neighbouring region! Ready to conquer the trails? Contact us here now.

  • Ideal for: 20 – 60 pax
  • Best for time/s of the year: May – September
  • Possible locations: Uetliberg, Einsiedeln

From thrilling outdoor adventures to immersive cultural experiences, Touring Monkeys can help you organise the best events to bring your team closer together and also ignite everyone’s enthusiasm, creativity, and collaborative spirit. Contact us for more details.

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