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Bike Touring Kit list for Beginners

Considered a mix of backpacking and bike riding, bike touring is a popular and still a growing choice of adventure for many outdoor enthusiasts all around the world. 

Compared to other ways of traveling and exploring, bike touring is cheaper, healthier, and more slow-paced. The bicycle lets you cover more ground while still being slow enough to enjoy the views and interact with nature, the people, and the places along the way. 

Kit List

After you decided what type of bike touring adventure you’d like to indulge in, it is time to build your kit list. This is daunting for every beginner. But spend time researching and testing to see what’s needed and what’s not. 

The kit list discussed in this article is what worked for us on our bike touring. Even so, we changed the place of most items several times during our trip, depending on what we needed easy access to on specific days, etc.

Trying it out there is the key. Eventually, you’ll figure out your final bike touring kit list and the perfect place for each item.

Parts of a Touring Bike

Your bicycle is your lifeline and buddy when bike touring. It is essential to know its parts, usage, and how to do basic repairs. These are also important when packing your gear. 

Let’s take a look:

Bike Touring Kit list for Beginners 1
Photo by: Patrick Hendry

Front Panniers

Bike Touring Kit list for Beginners 2
For the front panniers, we decided to put all our night gear and some cooking tools. 

Back Pannier 1

Bike Touring Kit list for Beginners 3
Here are mainly all our clothes and food. Water, on the other hand, can be kept on the frame to make more space for the rest in panniers, and because it’s easier to access.

Back Pannier 2

Bike Touring Kit list for Beginners 4
Here, are all the tools.

Handle Bar Bag

Bike Touring Kit list for Beginners 5
Here are all the things that we want to be able to access at any time, and also it’s very easy to remove so all the things that we want to take with us when we have any doubt about the safety of the place.

Rack Top

Bike Touring Kit list for Beginners 6
Here, are the big things that do not fit in the panniers, and other things that we need to use often and that might not fit in the Handle Bar Bag. You can keep these things dry by putting them inside a waterproof or an Ikea bag.

Saddle Bag

Bike Touring Kit list for Beginners 7
Here, are tools and spare parts that might be needed to repair your bike if needed.

Important tips

  • Spend time planning and testing
  • Get the right kind of bike
  • Learn basic bike repair and maintenance
  • Depending on where you’ll be bike touring, choose the best season to head out

Bike touring is one of the greatest ways to travel and explore. A perfect spot in between fast travel by air (or other faster vehicles) and slow-paced adventures like hiking. Smell the flowers, swim in the rivers and lakes, meet locals, witness every sunset outdoors, and greet every glorious morning from your camp!

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