10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World

We all know that Summer is not the only season to go and explore, right? All seasons are great for that, though Winter and it’s magically white carpet seems like a very different world.

Skiing and snowboarding are the main protagonists of the winter, in most of the cases being the most expensive too. But what about snowshoeing?

With the aid of this amazing footwear, used as mobility aid in winter for thousands of years, snowshoeing has become a recreational activity that is now enjoyed by many.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 1
Photo by: Leslie Cross

Snowshoeing, a beginner-friendly and fun way to explore and wander out in the snow. It is also a perfect way to enjoy routes and places that normally you wouldn’t be able to go through by any other means.

To inspire you to go out and try this exciting activity next winter,  we have compiled some of the best snowshoeing destinations around the world.

Best Snowshoeing Destinations Around the World:

Rocky Mountain National Park

From easy trails to difficult ones, the Rocky Mountain National Park has a selection to choose from. These trails showcase the spectacular panoramic views from its snowy peaks, canyons, waterfalls, lakes, and its magical forests wrapped in a blanket of white.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 2
Photo by: Andrew Gloor

Sierra Nevada National Park, Spain

This is one of the best snowshoeing locations in Europe. The highest mountain peaks in Spain are in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and it is filled with well-marked trails for easy venturing to its amazing wilderness.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 3
Photo by: Melissa Ramirez


Over the years, snowshoeing has gained popularity in this country. More than 70% of Japan is mountainous and it is enchanting in winter. There are a lot of dedicated places offering varied winter activities and features. Hokkaido, Nagano, and Niigata are known for the best snowshoeing experience.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 4
Photo by: akahiro taguchi

Lake Tahoe, California, USA

With the snowshoeing trails that abound Lake Tahoe, all you need is a good pair to explore this winter paradise. Its amazing nature is coupled with snowshoeing facilities and events that will ensure you of a complete adventure. 

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 5
Photo by: Kyle Cottrell

Cypress Mountain, West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

You’ll discover the spectacular sights at Cypress Mountain by guided or self-guided adventures. Their safe trails run through snowy mountain forests and subalpine meadows.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 6
Photo by: Alan Levine


Whether you are up to a day or multi-day snowshoeing trip, Finland has it all set for you. Savor the snowy landscapes, catch sight of the northern lights in Finnish Lapland and enjoy hot dinners and cozy nights at their log cabins.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 7
Photo by: Vincent Guth


The snowshoeing trails in Bulgaria are epic with adventures for every level. The Rila and Rhodope Mountains are known for their many remote snowshoeing locations offering you divine glimpses of the country’s snow-capped mountain peaks and frosted ever-green forests.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 8
Photo by: Natalie Lucier


Slovenia is one of the best idyllic winter destinations in the world. The Julian Alps and its many corners make up an endless array of the best snowshoeing trips you would ever have. Krvavec, Kamnik, and Savinja Alps among many other locations will show you the sparkling winter beauty of Slovenia.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 9
Photo by: Krvavec

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA

This national park is filled with miles of trails for snowshoeing. From groomed trails, unplowed roads, or backcountry, Yellowstone National Park is perfect for any level of snowshoeing adventure. In addition to its spectacular landscapes, you have high chances of spotting the abundant wildlife that roams this park.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 10
Photo by: Trevor Hayes

Bariloche, Argentina

Bariloche has ‘the most amazing snow, and a mountain of things to do (”. Among the amazing activities that draw visitors to Bariloche is snowshoeing. It has easy and beautiful circuits that are perfect for beginners. In addition to the incredible views, Bariloche is complete with winter sports facilities and guides to ensure an ultimate winter experience.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 11
Photo by: guille pozzi

Snowshoeing can of course be enjoyed at places close to your home.  

We are lucky enough to be living in Switzerland that also counts as one of the best destinations for snowshoeing trips. There are countless fantastic places and these are some of our favorite/dream spots and routes!

Top Snowshoeing Locations In Switzerland


A classic destination that never fails to amaze! “Beautiful trails lead through forests, over wide snowfields and along impressive 4000-metre peaks (”. One of our favorite destinations in Valais is the Zinal glacier. You can hike to the breathtaking glacier cave, enjoy a picnic inside and walk back to Zinal through the beautiful valley.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 12
Photo by: Zinal glacieri

Bernese Oberland

Snowshoeing while looking at the majestic Jungfrau, Eiger and Mönch. How does that sound? With over twenty snowshoe trails to explore and unending magical landscapes to discover, Grindelwald is an ultimate snowshoeing paradise. Trails such as the Panorama Trail, the Eiger trail and the Wetterhorn trail are epic. If you miss the speed, you can also take one day to try Europe’s longest sledging slope from Faulhorn to Grindelwald. Alternatively, you can try a multi-day hut to hut snowshoe hike in the area, as there are a lot of mountain huts open through the winter. For example, you can hike from Jungfrauhoch to Grimselpass and with some overnight stops at Konkordiahütte, Finsteraarhornhütte and Oberaarjochhütte, all located between 2800 and 3200 meters above sea level! This is just one of many multi-day hike options you can do in that area.

10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World 13
Photo credit: Evan Qu

If you are new and want to try snowshoeing, check out our guided snowshoeing events at We recommend guided trips for beginners as it is safer and more fun social experience.

With the right knowledge and preparation, you can try snowshoeing by yourself. Make sure to always check the weather. Don’t go if there is any risk of avalanche and avoid exposed areas. Always carry a transceiver, probe and shovel and know how to use them.

The serenity of winter does not have to be wasted indoors.  Let those snowshoes take you to incredible winter hikes. Absorb the magical sense of peace and quiet outdoors; gather some friends and family, breathe some fresh winter air, and have great, pure fun in the snow.

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