‘Touring Monkeys’ is the Event organiser. Touring Monkeys legally operates under Spofibo GmbH, an outdoor event company registered in Switzerland.

A Touring Monkeys ‘Event’ is a planned activity with a registration fee. Events have a pre-defined duration of several hours to several days.

A ‘Participant’ is a person who registers and pays the registration fee to participate in a Touring Monkeys Event.

A ‘Supplier’ is a person hired by Touring Monkeys to lead or guide a group of Participants for a Touring Monkeys Event.

By agreeing to lead or guide an Event for Touring Monkeys, the Supplier confirms that he/she has read, understood, and agrees to the Code of Conduct stated herein.


The Supplier is an official representative of Touring Monkeys on the specific Event that he/she leads or guides.

The Supplier is authorized to handle Participant queries, issues, and concerns before and during the Event that he/she leads or guides.


The Supplier should appropriately act as an official Touring Monkeys representative and responsibly handle dealings with participants.

In this regard, the Supplier should ensure a professional service is provided at all times:

  • Treat Participants with kindness, respect, and fairness;
  • Strive to meet Participants’ reasonable expectations of the Event;
  • At the Event, share information, history, skills, know-how, experiences on things, places, environmental awareness that are relevant to the Event, ensuring memorable and meaningful experiences for the Participants.

The Supplier should, at all times, prioritize the safety of all participants:

  • Ensure that all gear and equipment used are safe and functioning properly;
  • Ensure that a safety system is ready and in place such as first-aid supplies, communication equipment, rescue, and contingency plans, etc.;
  • Exercise caution throughout the event and, whenever the need arises, act with sound discretion on cancelling or continuing an Event putting the safety of the participants first;
  • The Supplier reserves the right to stop any Participant from participating at any point during the Event should the Supplier deem that the Participant’s physical condition is not sufficient or if his/her equipment is unsafe.


The Supplier should maintain professionalism, honesty, and fairness when dealing with colleagues, other guides, and any member of staff involved in the Event (accommodation, restaurants, etc.) that he/she leads or guides.


The Supplier gives full consent to Touring Monkeys to use pictures and videos taken during an Event and to be shared with Touring Monkeys organizers and clients for marketing purposes and for the promotion of future events. 


The Supplier must ensure that his/her guide certifications and licenses are up-to-date and continually update relevant skills and knowledge. The Supplier must ensure that he/she and the group that he/she leads or guides abide by the local laws during an event.

Last update: 21 September 2021

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