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Dear Monkeys,

Have you ever heard of the knowledge café concept? The purpose of the knowledge café is to gather interested parties together to discuss a variety of topics, share experiences, resolve issues, build relationships, learn from each other…

Of course, it’s nicer to run these gatherings physically but we will start with remote events as we have no better option for the moment.

If you want to join our Knowledge Café and share, learn, grow together, please join us via Hangouts ( on Thursday at 6 pm. There is no need for you to have joined any similar event before!

The theme for this week’s Knowledge Café will be:
** Morning Routine **

We look forward to listening to you and learning together!

Celine & Alex
(Touring Monkeys)

By signing up for this event, you agree that you have read our terms and conditions in the “What we’re about” section of our Meetup group and that you will adhere to these terms and conditions.



09 Apr 2020


5:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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