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15 Apr 2020

Dear Monkeys,

Why don’t you pour yourself a warm cup of tea or a nice glass of wine, grab your most cosy blanket, sit on your comfy sofa and join us for our Ocean Film Festival evening? For this third week of April we made a selection of short movies, not only about the ocean but all of them include adventures happening in the water.


Turn off the light, put your headphones and embark on a 12-minute free diving adventure around the world with Guillaume Néry, French free diving champion specialized in deep diving. Wonderful images and choreography.

Link to watch: https://www.touringmonkeys.com/movies/one-breath-around-the-world


This documentary features outdoorsman Bill Mason and his family as they camp and canoe in the wilderness 40 years ago. The film fosters an appreciation for the art of canoeing while celebrating the sheer joy and beauty of nature. Along their trip, the Masons experience countless adventures and some breath-taking scenery, including indigenous rock carvings by Lake Superior.

Link to watch: https://www.touringmonkeys.com/movies/song-of-the-paddle


‘The Wild’ featuring Noah Beschen is the 2015 REDirect Surf Film Festival Grand Prize Winner.
Wonderful movie, breath-taking shots, great music and the surfing skills of this boy are… unbelievable.

Link to watch: https://www.touringmonkeys.com/movies/the-wild


Considered the farthest source of the Amazon, the Apurimac River flows from the Andes, through deep boxed canyons, to the calm waters of the Peruvian jungle. Always on the hunt for stout white water in remote reaches of the world, the We Are Hungry (WAH) crew is known for asking Why. Why are we out here? What are we doing here? Guided by their passion for the river and their desire for adventure, this trip questions the possibility of living with little, together, in an environment remained untouched by man, a place where only kayakers can go.

Link to watch: https://www.touringmonkeys.com/movies/the-rivers-call

Hope you enjoy the movies!

Celine & Alex
(Touring Monkeys)

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15 Apr 2020


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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