Avalanche course

Avalanche safety – Basic course 1


30 Jan 2022


CHF 60.00


Flumserberg, Bergheim
8896 Flums, Switzerland

In order to enjoy the mountains safely all year round, reading the terrain you’re playing on and understanding the avalanche danger is a must. With all winter sports that take you outside of the secured slopes and paths (snowshoeing, off-piste skiing, ski touring, etc.), one has to not only understand and prevent the danger, but also be equipped and ready to respond in case of an accident. Under the instruction of a mountain leader, you will learn the basics of avalanches and how to properly use a transceiver, probe and shovel.

What’s the plan?

Meet at Flumserberg, Bergheim at 14:15. We start with some theory at Hotel – Restaurant Bergheim. After approx. one hour of theory, we head out and use the terrain to do various exercises in the snow.

At the end of the day, you will be able to:

-Read, understand and make use of the avalanche bulletin
-Understand the 3-by-3 method to plan your snowshoe or ski tours safely
-Measure the slope inclination on the terrain
-Identify the different avalanche types
-Run group checks to make sure all transceivers in the group are up and running
-Rescue avalanche victims using your transceiver, probe and shovel

Avalanche knowledge is not something you learn in one day, it requires a lot of practice. During this basic course, you will be given the tools needed to keep learning and practicing the skills acquired.

How to get there

If you are traveling from Zurich by public transport, we recommend you to take the following:

-Zurich HB 12:38 – 14:11 Flumserberg, Bergheim (via Sargans)
-Flumserberg, Bergheim 17:44 – 19:20 Zurich HB – (via Sargans)

Kit list

Clothing Essentials

-Winter hiking boots
-Base layers
-Hiking or skiing trousers
-Down jacket
-Waterproof jacket
-Sun glasses
-Warm hat
-Thin gloves
-Thick gloves

Technical gear

-Hiking poles
-Hiking backpack (20-30L)
-Waterproof inner bags or bin bags
-Snowshoes (can be rented out)
-Avalanche transceiver, probe & shovel (can be rented out)




-Sun screen & lip protector
-Plasters & basic medicine
-Hand disinfectant & face mask

Equipment rental

You have the possibility to rent the following:

-Snowshoes & poles: CHF 20
-Transceiver, probe & shovel: CHF 20

You will receive an email with a form to fill in a few days before the event, where you can inform us about which items you’d like to rent. These can be paid by cash or Twint on the event day.


The price for this event is CHF 60.

Included in price

-Basic avalanche course with a mountain leader
-Hot drink

Not included in price

-Transport to/from Flumserberg, Bergheim
-Equipment rental

Group size

Min. 3 participants
Max. 6 participants

By signing up for this event, you agree that you have read, understood and will adhere to our Terms and Conditions.


30 Jan 2022


CHF 60.00


2:15 pm - 5:45 pm


Flumserberg, Bergheim
8896 Flums, Switzerland

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