Uetliberg Sunrise Trail Run 8-12km / 350-450m ascent


Yes, it’s an early start, but YEAH, the Uetliberg trail run is well worth it! If you want to catch the sight of deer crossing paths and an orange Zurich lake, this is when you need to go running. Technical information – Uetliberg Sunrise Trail Run: Distance: 8-12 km Elevation gain: 350-450 meters Speed: approx. […]

Running Challenge – Win vouchers for future Touring Monkeys events

running challenge

Dear Monkeys, It can sometimes be hard to remain active in such a situation, so we decided to create this one-month running challenge (for those who are healthy – we hope the majority of you!) to keep the motivation up and reward the winners with some Touring Monkeys vouchers for future events. To join the […]