Giada Rocca


Yoga instructor




Hi, I’m Giada, a passionate world traveler, outdoor lover and team LIVE LIFE NOW!

I was born in Italy, grew up in different countries across Europe, North & South America, and always wondered where i’d end up eventually. Well, the answer is Switzerland – the alpine state – where I started a serious love affair with Mother Nature and opened my eyes to breathtaking and inspiring views that unravel deeper meaning in my Life. Hike after hike, adventure after adventure, I discovered the most beautiful corners of this country, its mountains, the people, I learned about the culture, I went mountaineering, I took all my friends with me, I slept in mountain huts, I skied in fresh powder snow and I never passed up an opportunity for an adventure.

Along the way, I took my Yoga practice always with me and it’s evolved into something more than traditional yoga, it’s become Yogalpina – what I like to think of as elevating the practice to new heights by combining it with different mountaineering activities: hiking, climbing, snowshoeing, skiing… the combination of active outdoor adventure and cultivated inner peace made me realize that this is the key to live in the present. It’s my passion and my privilege to share this with others.



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