Alex Dimitriou


Mountain leader – Swiss cycling guide – Kayak instructor – Cross-country skiing instructor


Hiking – Snowshoeing – (e-)Mountain biking – Kayaking


Even if I’m not originally from Switzerland but from the French Jura, I’m a real Swiss knife of outdoor activities!

After a career in kayak (where I’ve been lucky to compete in the 2004’s Olympic Games), I’ve developed my abilities and have competed at good level in various summer and winter sports such as MTB, x-country skiing, ski mountaineering and trail running, all over the world, getting an amazing amount of experience.

I love to explore, travel, discover. As long as I am outside, and especially in the mountains, I’m happy!

Since I loved to share these moments, motivate people and teach my knowledge to others, I’ve naturally become a guide in these activities, and my goal is now to convey to you this flame burning for all outdoor activities!



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