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Activities out of Coronavirus

During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, our intentions were clear: Use this opportunistic time to create memorable future events for you and also come up with creative ways to keep us all connected and challenged during the lockdown.

And we have successfully done so, by hosting a variety of fun and challenging events.

Film Festivals

A collection of films to enjoy and inspire us:

Knowledge Cafe

Have you ever heard of the knowledge café concept? The purpose of the knowledge café is to gather interested parties together to discuss a variety of topics, share experiences, resolve issues, build relationships, learn from each other.

We’ve already hosted a few with the following topics

  • Coronactivities
  • Morning Routine
  • Micro Adventures
  • Indoor Gardening

In fact, We’re looking to expand our Knowledge Cafe and allow you all to share your amazing stories, lessons learned, skills, and tips & tricks. 

To do so, please fill this form here to let us know what you’d like to share, and then we’ll reach out to organize it together.

Book Club

We gather one evening every month (with the possibility to join remotely) to discuss a book that all members have read and to select the next one together.

Themes vary from one month to the other: personal development, adventures, biographies of inspiring personalities, history…

Books read so far:

Book currently reading

If there is any book that you would like to suggest, please feel free to fill our dedicated form.

Running Competition

To keep active during a time where outdoor activities were very limited, we organised a running competition over the month of April.

Competitors had to record all their runs on Strava and gave the following prizes to the winners:

First prize on distance: Piotr Bojka – 475km
Second prize on distance: Tom Foley – 350km
First prize on elevation gain: David Lopez – 6700m ascent
Second prize on elevation gain: Piotr Bojka – 5385m ascent

Very impressive performances, congratulations to you all! The prizes were a total of CHF100 voucher for Touring Monkeys events.

Running, and more specifically trail running, will now become part of our proposed outdoor activities.

Board games evenings

We had fun playing a few online board games together, though it wasn’t easy to do get some of them set up.

But we can soon meet again in person, to enjoy and have a great time together.

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