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Well-being and Mindfulness

10 Benefits of Cold Exposure

A healthy body and a healthy mind allow us to live an easier and more joyful life. We, at Touring Monkeys, have the vision of a healthy world, loving living and experiencing life, and believe cold exposure plays an important


10 Ultimate Snowshoeing Adventures Around The World

We all know that Summer is not the only season to go and explore, right? All seasons are great for that, though Winter and it’s magically white carpet seems like a very different world. Skiing and snowboarding are the main

Tent Condensation

3 Ways on How to Effectively Reduce Tent Condensation

Tent condensation is something we have all dealt with when camping. Although unavoidable, there are ways to considerably minimize the build-up of condensation inside your tent.   If you follow these next steps, to understand how this occurs, you can enjoy


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